Vendor List


As we compile our own, please look at Ian Spielman's extensive list on the NIST wiki (you may have to sign up for Twiki to view…)

Polarization Optics

For low-power polarization optics, use


They provide good quality waveplates (supplied by Meadowlark) and cubes. However their cubes are not rated for high power, so for 1064nm cubes order from

*CVI Melles-Griot

Custom / Specialized Optics

A high-end coating company is
*Laseroptik (coatings)
*Layertek (coatings)

Middle-market companies are
*VLOC (coatings, waveplates)
*Rocky Mountain Instruments (coatings, waveplates)

Low-end company who is not skilled enough to make dichroic waveplates, but may be useful for coatings:
*Tower Optical (coatings)
*Foctek (distributed through Delta Photonics in Canada, but use a direct web order if possible)

Companies with which we have no experience are:
*Altos (distributing for Ekasma?)
*Meadowlark (waveplates)

Companies who have supplied parts out of spec are:
*Foctec (bad dichroic waveplates)
*Tower (bad dichroic waveplates, probably just made by Foctec)
*Optisource (bad mult-wavelength coating)


Dynaloy - for cured epoxy solvent (used Dynasolve 165)


Links to various laser manufacturers

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