Talking To Vortex Lasers Over RS232

Establishing communication

  1. Connect RS232 cable from Vortex controller to computer.
  2. At controller, set bits per second (BPS) under the menu to 19200.
  3. At computer, Open HyperTerminal program, usually under Communications Folder.
  4. If you have not set up any Hyperterminal before, the program will pop up with a Connection Description panel - follow these directions.
  5. Inside HyperTerminal, choose “COM1”
  6. Use the following for Port Settings:
    • Bits Per Second: 19200
    • Data Bits: 8
    • Parity: None
    • Stop Bits: 1
    • Flow Control: None
  7. Under File menu, click on Properties
    • Click on the “Settings” TAB
    • Click on “ASCII Setup”
    • Place a check on “Echo typed characters locally”
    • Place a check on “Force incoming data to 7-bit ASCII”
    • Click OK.

To check / set temperature

  1. Type “:nfman on” to establish communications in this mode.
  2. Type “ts?” query set temp
  3. To change set temp to 18°C, Type “ts 18.0” sets new temp.
  4. To confirm, type “ts?”

To check / set other parameters

  1. If you're in the temperature setting mode, you must type ":nfman on" (with colon) to enter the consumer mode.
  2. Use commands outlined on pages 34-35 of manual.
    • eg. If you wish to set current to 80 mA, type ":sour:curr 80"
  3. You can repeat the previous commands by typing "/"

To return to the manual mode on the controller

  1. Just push the right most button on the controller.
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