An attempt to organize the lab picnic through online collaboration

Time / location

Sunday, 23rd August. Centre Island.
Google Map of picnic site
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Jason needs to leave before 3pm, so we can start earlier in the day. How does 11 am sound to everyone?
[Jason sez- we could aim to start cooking around noon… no need for everyone to arrive by 11 if they don't want to. :) ]

Also, all significant others are welcome and encouraged to attend. As well, any single lesbian friends are most welcome.


It will probably work best if we run this pot-luck style, and even better if we decide who brings what. Here are some general categories. Add your name under the heading of what you want to bring and add any relevant details.

Salads, Vegetables

  • Lindsay (salad)
  • Jason & Marie (pasta salad)
  • Marcius & Janine (corn + condiments)
  • Gabriello (fruit salad)


  • Lindsay (sausages)
  • Joseph (shrimp)
  • Dave (hamburgers+hot dogs+buns for both)


  • Karl (cola/orange juice)


  • Alma (sweets + watermelon)
  • John (choice cookies)


  • John (chips)


  • BBQ Coals & brush: Joseph
  • frisbee (Marcius & Janine)
  • napkins (John)
  • 2-3 baseball gloves (John)
  • plates and utensils (Gabriello)
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