Many-body physics with Ultracold gases (Bloch/Dalibard/Zwerger, 2008)


Theory of Bose-Einstein condensation in trapped gases (Dalfovo..Stringari, 1998)
Trapped Fermi gases (Butts & Rokhsar, 1996)
Optical dipole traps for neutral atoms (Grimm, 1999)
Feshbach Resonances in Ultracold Gases (Chin, Grimm, et. al., 2008)
BEC in external potential (Bagnato, Pritchard, Kleppner, 1987)


Experimental methods of ultracold atomic physics (Stamper-Kurn, Thywissen, 2012)
Making, probing and Understanding Ultracold Fermi Gases (Ketterle, 2008)
Making, probing and understanding Bose-Einstein condensates (Ketterle, 1999)
A presentation on the different equipment and techniques used in this lab (ETHZ student presentation, 2009)
Simplified system for Creating a BEC (Lewandowski/Cornell)
Evaporative Cooling of trapped atoms (Ketterle, 1996)
Thermometry and cooling of a Bose gas to 0.02 times the condensation temperature (Stamper-Kurn, 2015)


Rubidium 87 D line data (Dan Steck, 2001)
Potassium line data (T.G. Tiecke, 2010)
Feshbach Resonances in 40K (Ludewig Ph.D. in Walraven group, 2012)
Einstein coefficients, cross sections, f values, dipole moments, and all that (R. Hillborn, 2002)


Rb87 BEC in plugged Quadrupole trap (Perrin 2011)

Lattice Papers


Nature Q&A: Optical lattices (Greiner/Folling, 2008)
Fermi-Hubbard Physics with Atoms in Optical Lattices (Esslinger, 2010)
Cooling in strongly correlated optical lattices: prospects and challenges (McKay, 2010)


A Quantum Gas Microscope for detecting single atoms in a Hubbard-regime Optical Lattice (Greiner, 2009)
Probing the SF-MI transition at the single atom level (Greiner, 2010)
Single-atoms resolved fluoresence of a MI (Kuhr, 2010)
Metallic and Insulating Phases of Repulsively Interacting Fermions in a 3D Optical Lattice (Bloch,2008)
A MI of Fermionic atoms in an Optical Lattice (Esslinger, 2008)
Imaging single atoms in a three-dimensional array (Weiss, 2007)
High-resolution Imaging and manipulation of Ultra-cold fermions (Moritz, 2010)


High Precision Quantum Monte Carlo Study of the 2D Fermion Hubbard Model
Squeezing Out the Entropy of Fermions in Optical Lattices (Ho, 2008)
Getting into Shape: Efficient Cooling Scheme for Fermionic Atoms in Optical Lattices (Bernier, 2009)
Trapping and cooling atoms into Mott and Neel States (De Leo, 2008)
Antiferromagnetic order of fermions in a trap (Snoek, 2008)

Chip Papers


Magnetic micro traps for ultracold atoms (J. Fortágh, C. Zimmermann, Rev. Mod. Phys. 79, 235 (2007))

Double wells, RF Potentials, and Squeezing

Direct Observation of Tunneling and Nonlinear Self-Trapping in a single Bosonic Josephson Junction (Albiez .. Oberthaler, 2004)
Matter-wave interferometry in a double well on an atom chip (Schumm .. Schmeidmeyer, Krueger, 2005)
Long Phase Coherence Time and Number Squeezing of two Bose-Einstein Condensates on an Atom Chip (Jo .. Ketterle, 2006)
Squeezing and entanglement in a Bose-Einstein condensate (Esteve .. Oberthaler, 2008)

Group Technical Reports

Hyperfine structure of 40K (LeBlanc, 2006)
Master Equation solution of Five-level atom (McKeever, 2008)
5P Structure of 40K (McKay, 2009)
Imaging atoms in a cubic lattice (Jervis, 2010)
40K Dispenser Construction (Edge, 2011)

Thywissen Group theses and reports

Math and general theory references

Handbook of Mathematical Functions

How To Write a Paper

How To Write a Paper (George Whitesides)


Classical Optics, Aberrations, etc

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