Optical Trapping Reference

Optical dipole traps review paper: arXiv:physics/9902072

Some equations for 87Rb trapped in a single gaussian beam:

trap depth:

\begin{align} U_0 [\mu K] = 1.62 \times 10^5 \frac{P[W]}{(w_0 [\mu \mathrm{m}])^2} \end{align}

trap frequency:

\begin{align} \frac{\omega_r}{2 \pi} = 8.84 \times 10^5 \frac{\sqrt{P[W]}}{(w_0 [\mu \mathrm{m}])^2} \end{align}
\begin{align} \frac{\omega_z}{2 \pi} = 2.11 \times 10^5 \frac{\sqrt{P[W]}}{(w_0 [\mu \mathrm{m}])^3} \end{align}

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