Optical Lattice


We will form a 3-dimensional optical lattice using three retro-reflected 1054nm beams. This will result in a cubic lattice with a spacing of 527nm. The source for the optical lattice is the same as for the Dipole Trap.

Power distribution for the lattice beams will be done with AOMs on the lower level of the experiment table. The beams will then be fiber coupled and brought to the upper level of the table (or underneath the experiment in the case of the z-lattice beam). The current layout of the power distribution on the lower level is depicted below:


The 500mm lens (fused silica) focuses the beam to a ~1000um diameter near the position of the AOM, for optimum diffraction efficiency. Afterwards a 1:2 telescope (formed from -50mm and 100mm fused silica lenses) enlarges the beam to ~2000um diameter for optimum fiber coupling efficiency. The beam profile is depicted below based on Gaussian Beam Propagation:

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