Nikon microscope tube lens positioning

The objectives we are testing are infinity focused, which means that another lens - the tube lens - is required after the objective to bring the light rays to an image.

Nikon gave us three suggestions about tube lens positioning:

Charles' Suggestion #1:
Tube lens - CCD: 200mm
Tube lens - Objectives: 100-200mm
RESULTS->magnification half of what it should be

Charles' Suggestion #1:
Tube lens - CCD: 100-200mm
Tube lens - Objectives: <100mm
RESULTS->magnification a little more than half of what it should be

Thoma's Suggestion (pictured below):
Tube lens - CCD: 151.2mm
Tube lens - Objectives: 100-200mm
RESULTS->magnification like Charles' #2, didn't seem evenly focused across sample

What I did
I measured the focal length of the tube lens to be 100mm…therefore, is this was supposed to be an infinity corrected objective, and Charles and Thoma seemed very unsure about the numbers they were giving me, and the reasons for them (they were confused because we weren't using an eyepiece, if i remember), Dylan chose:

Dylan's Suggestion
Tube lens - CCD: 100mm
Tube lens - Objectives: 100-200mm

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