1.5in windows

Ron Bihler cell

Y-shaped source tube with 8 dispensers


1) Alvatec dispensers work by sublimation, SAES by chemical reaction.
2) For Alvatec sources, the current necessary to reach the activation threshold is therefore pressure dependent (think PV=nRT). If we are running the dispensers in a higher pressure environment, a greater temperature - or current - will be needed to evaporate the metal.
3) Alvatec sources are cleaner than SAES sources (see pg 7 of Alvatec data sheet

Dispenser map


Dispenser resistances

These resistances are between the dispenser lead and the center pin lead.

Dispenser R ($m\Omega$) Status
enriched 40K #1 215 Alive
enriched 40K #2 209 Alive (but waterlogged?)
enriched 40K #3 216 Dead
enriched 40K #4 206 Dead
Rb #1 222 ?
Rb #2 214 ?
Cs 206 Dead
39K 224 Alive



note: take care to make sure counter-propogating beams have the same path length so that the beam profile of each is balanced.

Magnetic Gradient Coils

Measured by Mike Yee (in his thesis, pg. 38) @ I=4.64A

Gx 2.69G/cm 0.58G/cm/A
Gy 2.69G/cm 0.58G/cm/A
Gz 4.8G/cm 1.03G/cm/A


Using the "Dylan Circular Polarization Tool" the side windows should be bright and the vertical should be bright.

Laser Power

Date Repump Power (before fiber) Repump Power (after fiber) Repump Power (before TA) Repump Power (before final AOM) Repump TA current Trap Power (before fiber) Trap Power (after fiber) Trap Power (before TA) Trap Power (before final AOM) Trap TA current
20/10/2009 300mW 176mW 8.75mW 715mW 2.14A 300mW 186mW 16.4mW 750mW 2.22A
05/11/2009 310mW 14.6mW - 2.2A
6/4/2010 515mW 185mW 9mW 715mW 2.14A 340mW 200mW 15.8mW 700mW 2.20A
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