Rotation Stage

We use a motorized rotation stage from Pacific Laser Equipment (RSC101 driven by a DC Servo Motor) to servo power between the AOMs for the dipole trap and lattice beams. This stage can be controlled via USB (using a virtual COM port on the sequencer computer) or using an analog voltage.

If the 0V position of the rotation stage drifts off over time (we have noticed a few degrees over a period of 6 months), it can be recentered by using the functions rotation_stage_move, rotation_stage_home, and rotation_stage_analog (found in Lattice Sequencer\Sequence Files). Use 'move' to find the desired 0V position, then use 'home' to define that as the new 0V position, then use 'analog' to switch back to analog control for use by the sequencer. Make sure that the rotation stage is connected to the computer by USB!


We use three chillers to cool various parts of the experiment. The "Transport" chiller cools the coils of the transport system (including QP coils in the Science Chamber) as well as the FETs that control the current through these coils. The "Feshbach" chiller cools the Feshbach coils. The "Nufern" chiller cools our Nufern fiber amplifiers.

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