Magnetic Trapping And Transport

Magnetic trapping



This photo shows all of the magnetic trapping elements in the experiment, and looks up at the experiment at an angle (the chip we see in the centre faces down).

On the sides, we see white, water-cooled coils that provide a quadrupole magnetic field for trapping the atoms following laser cooling and optical pumping. The white coil wrapping around the top of the system, seen in the back of this picture, us the transfer coil. The original magnetic trap is formed 2.5 cm below the natural centre of the quadrupole coils, by "pushing" with this transfer coil. To transfer the atoms to the surface of the chip, we ramp the current through zero and in the opposite direction to the original to bring the trap 2.5 cm above the natural centre of the quadupole to near the surface of the atom chip, seen as the gold rectangle in the centre of the image. Currents in the chip and associated bias fields, provided by coils like those provided by the red-orange wires wrapped along the edges of the rectangular glass cell, are used to make a magnetic chip trap, and the quadrupole and transfer coils are turned off as the atoms are trapped by the chip alone.

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