Magnetic Field From Feshbach Coils

See Dylan #2 pg. 84 for details of measurement.
See Feshbach Coil calculator for details of calculation.

*Probe was coarsely positioned at the center by finding the minimum field of the coils in anti-helmholtz configuration.
*The gradient at 4mm from the field center corresponds to the displacement of atoms in the lattice from the field center.


Calculated Measured @ 194A
Bz(z) 1.11 G/A 1.16 G/A 225 G
Bz'(4mm from center) 1.32E-2 G/cm/A 1.38E-2 G/cm/A 2.68 G/cm
Bz"(z) 3.31E-2 G/cm2/A 3.46E-2 G/cm2/A 6.7 G/cm2
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