Aligning polarization to axes of PM fibre

What to put in a personal wiki?

One answer would be my to do list:

  • Think about basic questions about how this experiment will work
    • Getting sufficient signal for in-situ imaing
    • Isolation of a single plane
    • Superlattice for in-lattice cooling and AFM creation
    • What resolution do we really need?
  • Infrastructure
    • Box the optics for laser safety, dust shielding, and reduced scattered light
    • Cable runs
    • Cloud for table 3
  • Presentation
    • Change web site to present "two experiment" structure
    • Put up a "tour poster" in the hallway
    • Sign on the door

Of course I'd be happy to see other members of the team pick up these tasks!!

Until I think of a better answer, I will refer you to the pages I've created or edited here:



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