Installing The Printer Driver

Installing the Printer Driver on Macs and PCs

Posted on the wall in MP025 as well. Originally written by Alan & Marcius.

To configure router, to to on any machine. User: admin, Pass: MP025router

Static IP with:
Subnet mask:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

IP address:
Subnet mask:
Domain name: Router on the Wall (Name can be changed)

DHCP server: Enabled
Starting IP address: .100
Ending IP address: .199
Lease time: 1 week (can be shorter but want as long as possible)

STATIC DHCP (should be called “Static IP”)
For each of the following, also select Enabled.
PCs (Windows XP):
Astatine, .115, 00-0C-6E-8A-32-5F
Selenium, .114, 00-04-5A-81-34-A2
Polonium, .103, 00-11-2F-41-DA-53
Neutronium, .101, 00-15-F2-41-1C-8B
Macs (OS X 10.4):
Fermium, .141, 00-0D-93D2D-7F-6A
Curium, .102, 00-0D-93-7B-47-A0

Note: to obtain MAC addresses of the Mac machines (MAC != Mac, by the way), configure TCP/IP in System Preferences to obtain IP address using ‘BootP’. This usually allows the MAC address to show up in the DI-604UP section of the router setup page ( at page bottom under ‘Dynamic DHCP Client Lists’. Record the MAC address, then set up the Mac as a Static DHCP Client using that address and an unused IP address of your choice (192.168.1.XXX).

Advanced: all sections blank with defaults except for:

Advanced – Virtual Server
Following is for the Retrospect backup running from Gazoullis.
For each of the following, also select Enabled.
Polonium Backup,, TCP, private 497, public 1499, always runs
Selenium Backup,, TCP, private 497, public 1497, always runs
Astatine Backup,, TCP, private 497, public 1498, always runs
Neutronium Backup,, TCP, private 497, public 1498, always runs
Fermium Backup,, TCP, private 497, public 1496, always runs

Printer Setup: for macs
Add a new printer
IP Printer
Protocol: LPD
Queue: lp1
Print Using: HP LaserJet 2300

ASUS Router (MP025) Setup on a PC (XP):
Add a printer
Select < Local printer attached to this computer
Unselect < Automatically detect…
Create a new port < Standard TCP/IP Port
In “IP Address”:; Port name will automatically become IP_192.168.1.1
Protocol < LPR
LPR Settings/Queue Name < lp1
Select your driver
If you downloaded a driver and have the unzipped folder, selece <Have Disk; and navigate to the folder with the driver.

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