+/-15V DC Lab Power Supply

  • Useful to power small circuits around the lab.
  • Use a 2A AC/DC converter: HCC15-3-A+G
  • 6-pin mini din connectors:
Brown / Red - 15 V
Black / White GND
Green / Blue + 15 V

Water Cooling



  • For the circulating water lines in the chillers: McMaster-Carr #45175K15
  • For the water from the wall: McMaster-Carr #45175K5 (?)

General Purpose DDS

The General Purpose DDS is a computer controlled frequency source which can be programmed to preform arbitrary frequency ramps. For a detailed description see Alan Summer's website.

For a complete description of the command structure used for this version of rabbit:
Command Structure

In our lab we program and control the DDS using MATLAB's Instrument Control Toolbox. The MATLAB code for an example test sequence is given below:

Example Test Code

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